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Wrought Iron Bracelet: Unconvential Jewelry (ALWB)
Start Date:Friday, January 19 (2 meetings)Location: off site
Instructor: Carl West Meeting Time: 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Tuition: $150($150 for seniors)Status: Cancelled

We'll use traditional blacksmithing techniques to make a distinctly non-traditional item. We'll work an iron bar with fire and water, hammer and tongs, vise and anvil and learn about heat control, hammer control, and self-control while creating an iron bracelet with a tapered, sinuous motif.
Techniques will include forging (drawing out, tapering, square-octagonal-round), bending, twisting, and planning ahead.
Students should visit www.prospecthillforge.com/safety.php for safety notes and clothing recommendations. Class meets at Prospect Hill Forge, 38 Guinan Street, Waltham.