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Stone Carving Saturday - January (ASTN)
Start Date:Saturday, January 20 (1 meetings)Location: off-site
Instructor: Scott Cahaly Meeting Time: 9:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Tuition: $140($140 for seniors)Status: Cancelled

In this one-day workshop, you'll have the opportunity to carve your own stone. For beginners and experienced sculptors alike, you'll be guided through the process of looking into the rock for imagery, carving into material, planning and forming a sculpture, and using tools. Hand-carving techniques will be demonstrated, and stone carving lore will be discussed. We'll also touch upon safety in the studio, and stone and tool sourcing. You will leave with your stone sculpture in hand. Please bring a bag lunch to class. All materials will be provided. Classes are held at Scott's Stone Carving, 80 Loomis Street (Bike Path) Bedford, MA 01730. For additional class information please visit: