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French Intermediate (LBF3)
Start Date:Monday, January 22 (8 meetings)Location: 233, LHS
Instructor: Maurice Bombrun Meeting Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Tuition: $176($155 for seniors)Status: Running/Still Openings

French Intermediate is for students who have taken Beginner French, studied French at the high school level, or have equivalent experience. This course will cover "passe compose" avec "avoir" and "etre", recent past, depuis/ily a, countries and nationalities, partitive articles, meals and food, il faut, direct and indirect pronouns, and main irregular verbs. We will focus on pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary to build language skills in a fun environment. Focus is shared among reading, listening, exercises/speaking for a well-rounded learning experience. The college-level text, Valette/Valette, Verion 8, may be purchased online or from a bookstore.