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-Matina Horner
The Roman World (2ROM)
Dates:Monday, July 10 - Friday, July 14Location: LHS
Instructor: Stuart GrimesGrade Levels: 5 - 6
Status: Running/Still openingsTuition: $290
Study and create Roman arches, investigate Roman aqueducts and the intelligent design of Roman cities. The Roman Empire existed for close to one thousand years and Roman innovations in the areas of science, technology, language, law, architecture and government are still very much in use today. Complete mini-projects, both individually and collaboratively, that reflect the influence this civilization still has on our modern world. Create a Roman city block using these ancient, but still relevant techniques. Decorate your city block with mosaics that you create using Roman models as examples. Engage your critical thinking skills, practice analysis, perspective taking and linking ideas.
Stuart Grimes is an 8th Grade US History teacher at the Clarke Middle School.
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