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Foundational Chemistry (5HSCHEM)
Dates:Monday, July 31 - Friday, August 4Location: LHS
Instructor: Michael HoreshGrade Levels: 11 - 11
Status: Running/Still openingsTuition: $290
This course is designed to assist high school Juniors entering all levels of
chemistry with applying mathematical principles in the context of chemistry,
and to equip them with skills and strategies to avoid common pitfalls. We will
foster a strong foundation in applied algebra and principles of chemistry, as
well as strong inquiry and problem-solving skills within the context of scientific
understanding. Topics will include dimensional analysis, atomic structure,
periodic trends, chemical bonding, formula writing and chemical naming,
chemical equilibria, and stoichiometry. Classes include daily laboratory activities
to complement instruction, techniques for data collection and analysis, and
problem-solving activities based on experimental data.Michael Horesh teaches Chemisty and Earth Science at Lexington High School.
About the instructor:
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