A Southern Indian Affair


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Start Date: 03/26/2020, 1 meeting
Class Time: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location: LexMedia
Instructor: Shruti Mehta
Status: Closed


Southern Region of India is known to the world for its coastal beauty, IT industries, and Classical Indian music and Dance. The food of South India, however, though quite popular in India, remains a secret to the world. Unlike the cuisine of the North, South Indian cuisine is distinguished by a greater emphasis on rice as the staple grain, the liberal use of coconut and curry leaves and particularly coconut oil. South Indian cooking is even more vegetarian-friendly than north Indian cooking and incorporates fewer spices and simpler ingredients. Come, explore this cuisine and learn to make Uttapam (rice and lentil crepes with onions and chilies), accompanied by onion and potato bhaji (stew) and a spicy lentil and radishes soup called Sambar. Other dishes include Pongal which is the ultimate southern comfort food (a risotto of rice and dal cooked with cashews and ghee), and a popular dessert of vermicelli cooked with milk, almonds and cardamom. A $20 food fee is payable to the instructor at class. This class will be filmed for broadcast on LexMedia.


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