A Tribute to Robert Rivera Featuring Musicians, Poets, Students & Friends


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This past winter Lexington Community Education lost an incredible instructor, featured musician, and longtime friend
of the program in the person of Robert Rivera. As a musician Robert was equally gifted in his ability to perform and teach on cello and bass guitar. The care and connection he made with his listeners and students to and through music was second to none. It’s been said that a great teacher acts as a mirror to students, reflecting and pointing the way toward a vision of the self that is improving toward a level of mastery and fulfillment. The reflection of achievement and fulfillment created by a teacher believing in the possibility and potential of their student is often a prerequisite for successfully reaching the summit in any performance endeavor. Over the years LCE witnessed the occurrence of teacher transference many times between Robert and his students. From arranging recitals, to talking about music as a metaphor for life, to taking pride in his students as they achieved milestones in music and other pursuits, Robert cared for students in a way that was genuine and will be forever remembered, honored, and missed. We invite you to a special tribute to Robert and his life, music, and teaching. The tribute will feature poetry and music performed by friends and former students, and promises to be as uplifting as it is reflective.

Donations are welcome and will be accepted at the event and proceeds will go to the American Kidney Fund. While there is no charge for this tribute event, online fee-free pre-registration is helpful and appreciated.

Start Date: 05/20/2023, 1 meeting
Class Time: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Day of Week: Saturday
Location: Follen Church Society, 755 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington
Status: Running/Openings