An Introduction to Qigong


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Qigong is a system of practices developed in modern China for the purposes of benefiting health and well being, drawing on preexisting traditions of vital energy cultivation in Chinese religion, medicine, and martial arts. These practices include aspects of stillness and motion, breath and intention. They can be done standing or sitting, and can be adapted to suit each person’s needs and goals. In this course we will learn to practice qigong, and discuss some of the theory and history surrounding it and its roots in Chinese medicine and Daoist culture. Qigong requires no equipment to practice other than a chair, comfortable clothes, and only enough room to stretch your fingertips out in all directions.

Larson Di Fiori has a PhD in Religious Studies, focused on Asian Religions, from Brown University, where he continues to teach as part of the Contemplative Studies Initiative. He is also a translator and a teacher of Qigong and Tai Chi, having trained with mentors in both the US and China.

Start Date: 4/27/21, 8 meetings
Class Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Day of Week: Tuesday
Location: Zoom
Instructor: Larson Difiori
Status: Running/Openings