An Introduction to Vipassana Meditation


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Vipassana meditation is a Buddhist practice that was taught by the Buddha himself. It is the practice of developing concentration and insight in the mind through which we can ultimately see the true nature of our existence. As we learn to ground and settle our bodies, concentration and insight increases and reactivity decreases, thereby allowing us to be present and be with our moment to moment experience as it is. We begin to see the conditionality of the mind and the impermanence of all phenomena – pleasant and unpleasant.

Regular and consistent meditation practice activates the parasympathetic nervous system and quiets the sympathetic nervous system, thereby reducing stress and the myriad of disorders associated with it. The practice also changes the structure of the brain and neural pathways- improving mood and decreasing the areas related to fear, anxiety, stress, and perception. This can help us cultivate a skillful way to cope with life as it unfolds.

In this 90 minute approachable class, we’ll learn how to: sit comfortably in order to support our bodies and mind in meditation, practice grounding meditation to settle our bodies, learn how to use breath and sound as focal points for attention and concentration, and become more aware of how we relate to busy minds. No experience necessary!

Christine Sorrenti-Massaia is a long time meditator in the Buddhist Insight tradition. She opened The Sitting Room Meditation and Mindfulness Studio in Lexington Center in April 2019 to offer the community a space to learn, practice, and develop a meditation practice in order to slow down, ground in the midst of life’s complexities, and live more deliberately. She has worked in Lexington since 2007 and has a private practice above the studio.

Start Date: 10/4/20, 1 meeting
Class Time: 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Day of Week: Sunday
Location: Zoom
Instructor: Christine Sorrenti-Massaia
Status: Running/Openings