Basic Blues: Guitar Jam




Throughout American music history the Blues and the guitar go hand-in-hand. The five notes of the pentatonic scale can go a long way in moving listeners without needing too much knowledge in advanced music theory. As the name suggests, the form of the music relies on feel over technical facility. In this open jam session we will have fun exploring the foundational aspects of the Blues guitar with side ventures into the genres of Rock and Jazz. Any style of working guitar is welcome. If bringing an electric guitar please also come equipped with a portable amplifier. All players with a basic level of guitar playing familiarity are welcome to join.

Start Date: 02/29/24, 4 meetings
Class Time: 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Day of Week: Thursday
Location: Lexington High School Rm 230
Instructor: Bryan Barnes
Status: Running/Openings