Basic Claywork at LexArt



This class will provide students with the foundation of good clayworking skills. It will start with the basics, wedging and preparing clay.  Forming a pinch pot will be the simplest work. That will be followed by wheel throwing techniques such as centering and making a bowl, drying, trimming, bisque firing, glazing and glaze firing, to finish the pot. While the first piece is going through the process, students will also learn how to pull a handle for a mug, as well as methods of attaching different pieces of clay together. Then we will cover slab building and coil work. Students will learn to make lids that fit their pots. Depending upon individual abilities, some students will throw larger wheel pieces such as bowls or plates. Tall cylinders and narrow neck/collaring will be covered and we will finish the class by making a simple tea pot.

The idea is to cover the basic clayworking skills, including handbuilding, wheel work, decoration, firing and glazing. The class aims to build a good foundation for each student to continue developing his/her/their own skills with clay. The class can accommodate students with more previous experience, by going deeper with each topic while covering the same basics as beginner students.

The class will include weekly “student hours” from 5:30-8:00 on Thursday nights.  This will enable students to work on their projects in the shop, under the supervision of the Ceramics Shop Steward.

Materials: The shop fee is $85, which includes the student hours, 25 lbs of clay, glaze chemicals and all firing costs. The studio has tools for you to use but you may wish to purchase your own tools such as sponge and needle tool.  The cost for a starter tool kit at local art supply is around $12-$15.

About the instructor: Chin started pottery in the early 1980’s.  In addition to teaching at LexArt, he has taught pottery classes at MIT Student Arts Association, Ceramics Studio at UC Berkeley as well as Sorenson Center for the Arts at Babson College over the last thirty years.  Chin is a registered architect by training but his art work has been accepted in the American Craft Council’s flagship show at Baltimore for both wholesale and retail shows. In the Ceramics Guild, he is known for making large forms.

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Start Date: 9/12/21, 10 meetings
Class Time: 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Day of Week: Sunday
Location: LexArt, 130 Waltham St, Lexington, MA
Instructor: Chin Lin
Status: Running/Openings