Brave New Friendships


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Start Date: 09/25/2019, 1 meeting
Class Time: 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Location: 225, Lexington High School
Instructor: Val Walker
Status: Running/Openings


It takes courage and initiative to break out of a period of isolation and rebuild our support networks. After a serious illness, a period of grieving, or relocating to a new area, we may find it difficult to “get out there,” to be socially confident, outgoing, and open to new relationships. Simply going to a meetup might not feel right, as we may prefer volunteering, a support group, or a class. This program offers guidance for how to explore and tap our wider communities to build friendships, fellowships, and a deeper sense of belonging.

Val Walker is the author of The Art of Comforting: What to Say and Do for People in Distress which won the Nautilus Book Award in 2011. Her work has appeared in AARP Bulletins, TIME, and Good Housekeeping A counselor and educator with a Master of Science degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, she facilitates groups for living with illness and facing major life changes.