Can We Talk? Renew the Capacity for Conversation


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Not only have we experienced limits to conversing freely over the pandemic years; our conversations are mediated by ubiquitous electronic devices which both help and hinder conversation. We often text rather than talk, interrupt real-time exchanges with ‘pings,’ and default to internet answers rather than working things out together. It takes more than you might think to have a real live conversation. Here’s an opportunity to renew your capacity to engage fully with each other. Each week you’ll learn something new and have opportunities to practice both in class and in the weeks between. You’ll also get helpful feedback to keep you on track. Topics include rock-bottom communication basics – starting, continuing, and ending an exchange, individual stylistic differences, how to stay centered while engaging with another, especially those different from you, how to listen well. Everyone can get better at conversation; none of us is an expert. It’s the work of a life-time.

Please note: this class is offered simultaneously in-person and on the Zoom platform. Please indicate how you plan to participate upon registration.

Start Date: 03/07/23, 3 meetings
Class Time: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Day of Week: Tuesday
Location: Hybrid: LHS or Zoom
Instructor: Pamela Kristan
Status: Running/Openings