Conversational Spanish for Beginners and Advanced Beginners


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Start Date: 04/15/2020, 8 meetings
Class Time: 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Location: 221, Lexington High School
Instructor: Magnolia Rios
Status: Running/Openings


This class (for those who have a basic knowledge of Spanish) will focus on developing conversational skills through oral and written exercises on a variety of topics, working on pronunciation, role-play, and practicing everyday activities. Students will learn about culture, how to construct phrases, ask and answer questions, write short, weekly compositions, to acquire confidence making the language alive for them.

Magnolia Rios is a native Spanish speaker and the Spanish Language teacher at The Waldorf School of Lexington.


In accordance with the Lexington Public Schools, Lexington Community Education classes, events, and lessons will not take place from (at least) 3/13-5/4/20. Private music lessons and some group adult classes may be able to use online digital platforms in order to continue with lessons and learning when applicable and appropriate to the topic of study.