Creation Myths From Around the World


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Start Date: 11/06/2019, 2 meetings
Class Time: 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Location: 221, LHS
Instructor: John Chamberlain
Status: Running/Openings


A mythology course that examines creation myths from around the world, including those of Judeo-Christian, Greek, Norse, Native American, Australian Aborigine, and Polynesian origins. We will use a Jungian and philosophical perspective to find common themes and symbolism. Creation myths capture the awe, wonder, and gratitude early humans had, as well as an insightful pre-scientific awareness. The idea of a vast, original wholeness splitting into complex worlds of opposites and an awareness of the ‘great chain of being’ are among the concepts we will explore.
John Chamberlain is an eighth grade English teacher at the Clarke Middle School.