Daytime Intermediate French


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Start Date: 09/17/2019, 10 meetings
Class Time: 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Location: LCE Large Conf Rm., 146 Maple St.
Instructor: Karen Girondel
Status: Running/Openings


This total immersion course is designed for students who are able to create sentences in French using learned vocabulary and expressions in basic social situations. While students may make mistakes, and pause to find the right word or to self-correct, they are generally understood by sympathetic native speakers who are accustomed to non-native fluency. The emphasis will be on perfecting listening and speaking skills in a variety of authentic cultural contexts, as well as increasing vocabulary and grammatical accuracy. The course is taught in a very visual way making it fun and easy to make rapid progress towards advanced proficiency. We will use film and current events to provide cultural context.
Lexington Community Education Conference Room, 146 Maple Street, access via 328 Lowell St. The LCE Office Conference Room is in the Old Harrington/Lexington Public Schools Central Office building. We are located in the back corner. Look for the Blue Awning listing “Lexington Community Education”.

Karen Girondel is a retired LHS teacher of French language and culture.