Farm to Table Morning


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For the most local breakfast possible, you’ll get to collect your own eggs and harvest fresh veggies… and then make your own delicious breakfast! This class is a combination of farm walk, harvest, cooking session, and then a late breakfast.

In the first hour, we’ll take a 20 minute walk to our laying hen pasture for freshly laid eggs, and then return to the farm via our no-till market garden for ripe tomatoes, greens, and herbs. Once you have your ingredients, you’ll get to cook up your eggs how you like them and enjoy the farm’s bounty outside in chic picnic style.  Coffee, tea, freshly baked bread, and more ingredients will be provided as well! 

Class includes all materials needed. Comfortable walking shoes are encouraged. 

*Codman Farm uses rotational grazing, organic and chemical-free gardening methods, and organic animal feed. We believe these practices are best for the environment as well as the healthiest, tastiest food.*

Start Date: 8/6/2022, 1 meeting
Class Time: 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Day of Week: Saturday
Location: Codman Farms
Instructor: Codman Farms Staff
Status: Running/Openings