Interview Tips from the Experts



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Start Date: 04/09/2019, 1 meeting
Class Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location: 221, LHS
Instructor: Miki Feldman Simon and Leanne Rodd
Status: Running/Openings


Whether you have been interviewing for a while, or you are just starting your journey of entering back to the workforce, you can learn from Miki Feldman Simon and Leanne Rodd’s extensive experience working with job seekers and hiring managers. In this workshop they will share their wisdom with you and cover the key components for the preparation of every interview including: what research to do before the interview; matching your experience to the job requirements; how to prepare questions to ask at the interview; how to tell your story (your elevator pitch); what to wear to the interview; and how to address an employment gap and job transitions. They will also provide a review of the most common interview questions and tips for framing your answers, what your body language says about you during your interview and how to follow up after the interview. Please bring a copy of your resume (old or new) and a couple of job descriptions that piqued your interest (these will be for your own use).

Miki Feldman Simon is a career and an executive coach who has held leading executive roles in marketing, business development, recruiting and human resources management. Miki founded IamBackatWork to help women who have taken a career break return to the workforce.

Leanne Rodd is a career coach and Associate Director of Talent for FlexProfessionals Boston office. She has 20+ years’ experience in workplace training with a focus on career and workplace readiness following a career break and career transition best practices.