Lemko Style Pysanky


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In this workshop, participants will learn to create beautiful and unique drop-pull pysanky in the Lemko tradition. Using a simple pin-head and matches instead of “kistka”, participants will place molten drops of wax onto the egg surface and pull them to create a variety of designs and configurations. A $15 material fee is payable to the instructor upon arrival.

A $15 material fee is payable to the instructor per class.

Alona Popova is a Ukrainian and Pysankarstvo (the art of making pysanky), which came into her life as a hobby that turned into an absolute loveFor almost a decade she has been creating pysanky on a weekly basis and in 2022 started to offer master classes.She researches different materials, and natural dyes, practice new techniques, follow contemporary pysankarky from Ukraine and adopt their experience.

Start Date: 11/14/2023, 1 meeting
Class Time: 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Day of Week: Tuesday
Location: LCE Classroom
Instructor: Alona Popova
Status: Running/Openings