Leo Tolstoy: Novellas and Stories


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Would you like to reflect upon the meaning of life as you read two Russian masterpieces about people transformed by their confrontation with mortality? To explore 19th century Russian author Leo Tolstoy’s  short fiction about love and marriage? In this online course, we will read and discuss three Tolstoy novellas  – Death of Ivan Ilyich, Master and Man, and Family Happiness – as well as two of his short stories. We will also watch online video clips related to these novellas. Although early translations of these works are online, the instructor recommends purchasing translator Ann Slater’s edition of the first two novellas. No reading is required before the first meeting, but please have the Ivan Ilyich novella available during class.

Tracy Marks, M.A. is author of four books, translated into nine languages, and has won several poetry and creative writing awards. She is also an experienced counselor. Tracy has taught in continuing ed for 43 years and specializes in literature, creative writing and personal growth courses.

Start Date: 10/31/2022, 5 meetings
Class Time: 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Day of Week: Monday
Location: Zoom
Instructor: Tracy Marks
Status: Running/Openings