Method, Meisner, & Strasberg: A Sampler of Three Acting Techniques in Theory & Practice


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How many ways are there to smile, and how many motivations might reside behind that expression…and how many more interpretations? While the answers to these questions are impossible to fully know, master actors and theorists have given serious thought to the possibilities for centuries. This term we will look at three of the greatest modern teachers of the art of acting and focus on techniques unique to each. In each session we will briefly discuss the thought and importance of one of the founders of modern techniques (Konstantin Stanislavski, Lee Strasberg, and Sanford Meisner) and then sample and practice some of the fundamental elements of their vision and approach. This class is open to actors and non-actors alike.

Start Date: 10/26/23, 3 meetings
Class Time: 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Day of Week: Thursday
Location: LHS
Status: Running/Openings