Mistakes to Avoid in Self-Publishing


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Start Date: 02/06/2020, 2 meetings
Class Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location: 221, LHS
Instructor: Mindy Pollack Fusi
Status: Running/Openings


Self-publishing is a classic Do It Yourself project. As with Tim the Tool Man on “Tool Time,” accidents are bound to happen, especially on the first try. Like Tim, the author who self publishes has fancy tools available, if needed, at a price: editing, formatting, cover design, marketing. But if the goal is to have control over your book, and to save money, an author can go it alone, knowing that getting a book self-published can be done – no excuses, and no depending on other’s acceptance or approval. Much of the process of self-publishing has been streamlined and made self-evident to anyone who uses computers on a regular basis. But beware – there are any number of black holes to disappear into, losing precious time and momentum. Knowing ahead of time some of the wrong steps can lead to a happy dance – and higher quality of product. Erin and Mindy will share their happy stories, and horror stories. This is not a how-to self publish class; it is for those who know the basics of self-publishing and want to learn a notebook full of advanced tips. Class will be co-taught by Mindy Pollack Fusi and Erin McCormack.

Mindy Pollack-Fusi is a college application essay coach, veteran journalist/essayist for The Boston Globe, and author of the recently-released novel The Narcissist’s Daughter: A Meshugenah Love Story.

Erin McCormack has taught English and writing in the Boston area for many years. She has written and self-published three novels, Spanish Soap Operas (Telenovelas) (2011); Blue Eyes in Black Wonderland (2015); and In Regalia (2019).