Music from Around the World, Part I: China


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In this class we will cover the basics of Western music theory and compare and contrast it with the musical modes commonly used in traditional Chinese music and operas. We will also listen to some current pop music from Chinese speaking regions and discuss how the traditional musical modes have been transformed to promote and preserve the unique tonal understanding and effect of traditional Chinese music. Whether you are a fan of the classics, anime, or current Chinese soap operas, you will gain a fresh perspective on the musical sensibility of China as it has developed over time, and how it relates to Western musical style structure.


Jane WongJane Wong grew up in Hong Kong where she learned Cantonese opera and studied Shakespearean theatre.  After her graduate studies at the Boston Conservatory, Jane has been busy directing musical theater and operas in schools, community theaters, and professional settings. Besides teaching piano and voice privately and music directing, Jane also plays piano for ballet and modern dance classes and offers group lessons. Her classes and lessons are fun and full of positivity, and she encourages participants to take risks for their professional and personal growth.


Start Date: 1/24/2023, 8 meetings
Class Time: 6:00 PM - 7:15 PM
Day of Week: Tuesday
Location: Zoom
Instructor: Jane Wong
Status: Running/Openings