Mythology & Art for Grades 6-8 – Fall


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We’ll be exploring the world of Greek Mythology through art! Each week will be based around a different classical myth. When we come together, we’ll have a conversation about the myth, explore some of the art that it has inspired, and take some time to work on some mythology inspired art of our own! Bring whatever art supplies you have in your preferred medium to the first class.  Please note: this class is offered simultaneously in-person and on the Zoom platform. Please indicate how you plan to participate upon registration.

Jamie Magid is an artist and writer who has been teaching for six years. She has taught at The Somerville Children’s Theater, The Girlhood Project, and Lextended Day

Start Date: 10/18/21, 6 meetings
Class Time: 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Day of Week: Monday
Location: Room 221, Lexington High School or Zoom
Instructor: Jamie Magid
Status: Closed