Phrasing and Grammar for Writers


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Start Date: 01/15/2020, 4 meetings
Class Time: 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Location: 224, LHS
Instructor: John Chamberlain
Status: Running/Openings


Learn about how the English language has a marvelous capacity for phrasing as we see examples and express ourselves. We will study seven phrase patterns (preposition, verb, past and present participial, gerund, infinitive, appositive, absolute or zoom, and four important sentence patterns involving clauses. Sentence combining will be used to show how writers dynamically arrange ideas in greater complexity on the fly. We will also get to know the “questions answered” approach to grammar, which reveals how modifiers answer a number of basic questions as writers elaborate basic statements. You will gain confidence in staring down any sentence grammatically.

John Chamberlain is an eighth grade English teacher at the Clarke Middle School.