Psychic Skills For A Soulful Life – Fall


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Let’s learn how to be more present in all we do so our psyche will continually reveal itself anew. We’ll learn: Better ways our psyche can heal, make decisions, and connections; Discover tools for psychic self-defense and dream interpretation; Examine how we can more successfully, safely, and humorously understand and live with extraordinary experiences; Practice 200% belief for all our psychic experiences — One-hundred percent respect for the guidance, love, and beauty in our extra-sensory experiences; And then we’ll devote ourselves one-hundred percent to questioning how to better interpret them. To nourish our soul we’ll read stories from Soulfood by Kornfeld and Feldman.

Note: Please purchase “Soulfood” by Kornfeld and Feldman before the first class.

Michael Koran trained people in “Non-Violent Communication” at Newton Community Education, at Tufts University Osher Institute, and in his home.  He has explored with his students “Religions For The World” for over 10 years at The Cambridge Center for Adult Education. He has taught over 100 different classes at adult education centers including: “Love and Friendship,” “Story Telling,” “Guidelines to Extraordinary Writing,” “Poems Inspiring Poetic Lives,” “Blessings From Abraham To All, “The Koran,” “Psychic Skills For A Psychic Life,” “Great Scenes From World Theatre” and “Defeating Self-Defeating Behavior.”  He has self-published Verse to Better: A Poem for Each Day of Our Year and has performed as a stand-up comic: “Relationships are Hard—Especially with Other People.”

At Boston University for ten years, Michael taught imprisoned men and women in a B.A. program.  He taught “Introduction to Philosophy” for 20 years at The University of Massachusetts at Lowell. He has written and performed one-person plays: Prose and Cons: Liberating Stories From Prison, and Inaudible Laughter Forever. He has hosted an award-winning television show: “Getting Out of Prison.” For over 25 years at Cambridge Community Television, he has invited viewers to discover with him, on his show called AHAH, ways to be “A Human Among Humans.”

Start Date: 11/14/2023, 5 meetings
Class Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Day of Week: Tuesday
Location: Zoom
Instructor: Michael Koran
Status: Running/Openings