Public Art: Its History— and Many Current Forms and Expressions


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Sculpture and other public art has been making the headlines a lot lately: revered monuments have been toppled, with contemporary sculptures replacing them, political statements appear on traditional billboards and projected onto buildings, temporary, environmental-themed art “pops up” in urban plazas and fine new works of traditional commemorative sculpture are commissioned. Whatever your take on these diverse expressions, one thing is clear: they’re playing an important role in our society. We’ll take a wide-ranging look at public art– monumental, political, environmental, whimsical, “art for art’s sake,” and more. What makes them succeed or not? Where is the art form headed? Join a casual, lively discussion about public art, its history and its current role in our culture.

Paul Angiolillo has been creating sculptures and functional “art” objects for several decades, in both representational and abstract styles. For many years he studied with master sculptor Joseph Wheelwright in Boston. Paul has shown his works in galleries, art centers, libraries, museum shops (deCordova, Fuller Craft), and other venues, as well as in many outdoor exhibits.

Start Date: 6/14/2023, 1 meeting
Class Time: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Day of Week: Wednesday
Location: Lexington High School
Instructor: Paul Angiolillo
Status: Running/Openings