Reducing Our Plastic Waste Together


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Plastic is everywhere, and it’s not going anywhere. Very little plastic actually gets recycled and eventually ends up polluting our environment, harming wildlife and our health. Is there anything we can do? Does it even matter?


Join Erica Bouchard Rabins, owner of Center Goods in Lexington Center, for some ideas about how we can work together to reduce our waste as a community. Erica’s very relatable journey from avid recycle bin filler to imperfect plastic waste reducer is full of practical but simple approaches to reducing waste. We’ll discuss how a focus on reducing and reusing can make a difference.

This event is free but pre-registration is requested.


Start Date: 05/01/23,
Class Time: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Day of Week: Monday
Location: Center Goods, 30 Waltham St.
Instructor: Erica Bouchard Rabins
Status: Running/Openings