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Remember a time you sunk the golf ball perfectly with seemingly little effort! What if you could do that same stroke with the same results at will? What if you could perform the perfect tee shot, the perfect drive, the perfect approach shot just like a professional you admire? What if this could be a permanent part of your game? What if you were relaxed each time you picked up a golf club?  What if negative self talk became erased and replaced with positive images and feelings?  What if… your fears and anxieties vanished and self confidence remained with you for the  duration of your time on the course or range? This evening session (involving hypnotism) will bring you closer to golf mastery.

Dr. Susan McCombs, Board Certified Hypnotherapist and sports coach has produced the ideal program, a guided relaxation that will help any golfer who desires to bring his or her game to the next level.

Start Date: 10/16/2023, 1 meeting
Class Time: 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Day of Week: Monday
Location: Lexington High School Rm 223
Instructor: Dr. Susan McCombs
Status: Running/Openings