Structuring Your Speech


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Many public speaking classes focus on your delivery; how you stand, move, make eye contact, and whether you engage your audience! But to step on stage (or on screen!) with confidence and poise, you also need a well structured speech. In this workshop, we will explore some essential tools for structuring a compelling speech or presentation. Whether you’ll be speaking off-the-cuff for five minutes at the start of a meeting, or giving a speech before a large audience, these principles will help you communicate clearly, and reach your audience! We’ll go over use of rhetoric, how to use metaphor, how to build transitions, and how to craft effective beginnings and endings to your speeches. We’ll also look at examples of great speeches from the past and present to understand what makes them work. Students are encouraged to bring speeches or presentations they are working on for this practical, collaborative and informal workshop. Think of this class as speech carpentry; together we’ll understand how a great speech is put together.

Start Date: 4/19/21, 1 meeting
Class Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Day of Week: Monday
Location: Zoom
Instructor: Poornima Kirby
Status: Running/Openings