The Health Benefits of Nature and Music


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Research has consistently demonstrated that experiences of both nature and music can be extremely therapeutic.  This has become even more apparent during the pandemic, as both have become invaluable coping methods for many.  However, when we examine music from an ecopsychological perspective, we find that because the majority of western music is based on the major scale, it is actually in conflict with the laws of natural acoustical physics.  The seldom-used lydian scale, however, aligns with the laws of natural acoustical physics – yet little research has been done to examine the therapeutic potential of the lydian-based music. 

In this course, we’ll explore research that demonstrates the health benefits of nature and music, and how you can use this research to improve your daily wellbeing – no previous musical experience necessary!  We’ll also explore research from a variety of fields which suggest lydian could be a powerful therapeutic tool.  After all, the best-selling jazz record of all time – Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue – was significantly influenced by the lydian scale!

Start Date: 12/4/2022, 1 meeting
Class Time: 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Day of Week: Sunday
Location: Zoom
Instructor: Nick Suchecki
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