Wabi Sabi and Haiku at the Arlington’s Great Meadows in Lexington


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Haiku, the most popular form of poetry in the world, can help us connect more deeply to nature. What a great reason to get outside! Join us for one or two haiku walks in inspiring green spaces, one in Lexington, and one in Concord. At each spot, we’ll first learn a little about haiku. Then we’ll explore how one of two Japanese aesthetic concepts, wabi sabi (appreciating beauty in imperfection and impermanence) and zoka (the dynamic energy of nature), influence the writing of haiku. Afterwards we’ll walk around, gather observations and insights, and try our hand at writing some haiku. Everybody is welcome to join us!

Meeting point will be behind the Waldorf School, 739 Mass Ave.

Start Date: 05/20/23, 1 meeting
Class Time: 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Day of Week: Saturday
Location: Meeting point behind Waldorf School, 739 Mass Ave.
Instructor: Brad Bennett
Status: Running/Openings