Watercolor Painting


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This class is for both beginners and artists who have some experience with watercolor. We will begin with an overview of the history of watercolor as a medium, successful watercolor painters from the past and present and getting acquainted with the materials and supplies we will be using. Our first exercise will be laying a flat wash. In subsequent classes we will work on different techniques such as wet on wet, value studies, layering, mixing colors, what colors to include on your palate, and a brief overview of the qualities of water color paint such as transparent, semi -transparent and opaque. There will be a 20 minute warm up exercise at the beginning of each class.  Please bring the following materials to the first class: Paints: Cadmium yellow deep;  Lemon yellow; Cobalt blue; French Ultramarine blue; Cerulean blue; Prussian blue; Cadmium red;  Vermillion; Burnt Sienna; Yellow Ochre and Payne’s grey. Brushes: Bring what brushes you have;  #8 #10 round and a one inch flat is recommended. Paper: Good quality watercolor pad; 12” x16”. Palette:  White china plate or a butcher tray. Other supplies: Two or three jars for holding water, Rags, paper towel, an HB pencil, kneaded eraser. Please bring a photo of your choice as a reference to paint.

Ivan Orlinsky is an accomplished painter and art teacher who began his art studies in New York City at the School of Visual Arts and the Arts Student League as well as Mass College of Art. Ivan is a MA Certified Teacher and has been  working and teaching locally for many years. His expertise is with oil and watercolor painting.

Start Date: 1/17/2023, 5 meetings
Class Time: 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Day of Week: Tuesday
Location: Zoom
Instructor: Ivan Orlinsky
Status: Running/Openings