We Thank You for Your Support!

How Can I Help?

As a self-supporting program of the Lexington Public Schools, there have been a number of you who have asked what you can do to help LCE stay strong and fiscally independent. Here are some great and helpful ways you can help sustain Lexington Community Education: 

Take a Class. Our classes are at the core of our educational mission, and the tuition attached to them is the source of our self-supporting revenue stream. By registering for a class, you are not only helping the program as a whole, you are also helping our paid teaching staff. Classes run based on enrollment and teachers are not able to be paid for classes that are canceled due to low enrollment. 

Teach a Class. We are always looking for great teachers with great ideas.

Register Early. If you see a class or event that you would like to attend, register right away. Your early registration helps our teachers prepare to provide the best educational experience possible.

If You are Eligible. If you are eligible for discounted tuition for those 65+, consider paying the full tuition at checkout. 

Like Us on FaceBook & Follow us on Twitter. Getting the word out about our program is half the battle. 

Purchase a Gift Certificate. The Gift of Learning is a great choice, no matter the season

Email Us. Tell us what you like, and tell us what you would like to see offered. We love to hear from you, and we love to hear how we can meet your educational needs and the needs of our community.

Bring A Friend. Register together with friends and family for classes and events. Zoom offers a chance for sharing and experiencing community and education with friends far and wide. Distance is no deterrent now, and so learning something together with those who live as far away as Canada or California (or just about anywhere in the world) is now easily done, and fun to do together. 

DONATE BELOW. Since the mid 1970s Lexington Community Education has been able to do what we do because of (and for) you! As a self-supporting program of the Lexington Public Schools, Lexington Community Education/Lexplorations runs solely on tuition generated by people like you who attend our classes, lectures, and who send your children and grandchildren to our summer Lexplorations program. Because of your support and participation, LCE has been able to offer the very best in community education over these many years. In that self-supporting spirit, and in these changing and challenging times, we thank you for your past and present participation. Thank you for considering the mission of Community and Education in Lexington as something you are willing to financially support by making a donation of any amount here below. We thank you for your support!