Elena Snow

Piano, Voice, and Ukulele

Piano, Voice, and Ukulele instructor Elena Snow is an opera singer, music educator and arts advocate based in Lexington. A graduate of New England Conservatory’s opera program, Elena also received a concentration in voice pedagogy and has been teaching general music, chorus and drama for students ages 3-18 for 5 years. Her experience and passion for the arts drives her to welcome any opportunity to better understand and serve the arts community.

This fall Elena Snow is also offering a group Beginning Ukulele class on Saturday mornings!

Artist Statement

Welcome to my studio! I am a classical singer and music educator committed to teaching the foundational skills any musician will need, as well as instilling a joy in creating music that is the key to a lifetime of learning. In my studio, I use a mix of Kodaly-based pedagogy, Faber, Alfred, Feierabend, Marchesi and my own tried and true methods. We will use your child’s primary instrument as well as other classroom instruments to explore musical ideas and use hands-on methods to reinforce early music concepts. While I’m a trained opera singer myself, it is very important to me to explore all genres of music and emphasize diversity, equity and inclusion. Through lessons, students will learn more than just how to play the piano, ukulele or sing. Private lessons highlight the connections between music and math and give your child the chance to explore numerical awareness, counting, and patterning. Your child will also strengthen their fine motor skills and coordination and will learn to express emotion through music and practice empathy. They will learn the value of hard work and progress, which will help to set them up for success in whatever they dedicate themselves to in life. In addition, private lessons will offer your child much more individualized attention from an instructor than they are able to get from a classroom teacher. I can’t wait to get to know your child and get started on their musical journey.