Young cello star Ying Jun Wei

Ying-Jun Wei was born in China where her family lived in a small suburban town where the cost of living was lower. She began learning cello at the age of 10. For transportation they used an old bicycle that Ying-Jun grandpa had given their family. Every week her dad would put her on the front of the bike, her mom would carry the cello and sit at the back, and her dad would ride for an hour to get in town to her music teacher. They would ride through rain and snow and once even hail, sometimes on the icy roads, where they would fall many times but nothing stopped them and she never missed a lesson. After a year of that, the family moved closer to the city, where, with not much money, they rented a tiny room with no heat, water or a bathroom. They had to go outside for about 60 yards to get water and use a toilet.

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