Advanced Potion Making (9:00-11:30 am)


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Course Code: 3APOT Category:
Grade(s): 4-6
Week: 3
Class Dates: 07/13/2020 - 07/17/2020
Class Time: 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Instructor: April Hunt
Status: Running/Openings
Tuition: $135


Do you want to become an Auror after you finish your wizarding studies? How about a Healer? Maybe even a Potions Master? Join us in the Dungeon to learn how to brew potions like Polyjuice Potion, Felix Felies, Amortenia and more! Witches and wizards will craft their own wands, mix rare ingredients into their cauldrons and watch their potions come to life. Grab your broomsticks, copy of Advanced Potion Making and be ready to create some magic! Advanced Potion Making will help you on your way to your wizarding career!

April Hunt is a Middle School Technology Engineering Teacher in the Waltham Public Schools.

Supplies to be provided by parents:
(if you have any allergy concerns please contact the Lexplorations office and we will contact the teacher who will suggest alternatives)
– Mixing bowls of different sizes
– Measuring cups
– Towels for clean up
– Ideally: An open space (such as a kitchen/dining room table–close to a sink for easy clean up)
– Vinegar
– Baking Soda
– Dish Soap
– Food Coloring
– Any Spice
– Glitter
– Yeast
– Pretzels
– Any small or round food (m&ms/marshmallows)
– Any color Skittles
– Water
– Sugar
– Empty Water Bottle
– Funnel (you can make this out of paper)
– Balloon
– Gummy Worms
– Vinegar
– Clear Cups
– Baking Soda
– Feathers
– Paper Clips
– Fishing Line
– Magnets
– Jumbo Craft Sticks
– Electrical Tape/Colorful Tape
– Knitting Needles/Wooden Dowels
– Glue
– Child Safe Brown Paint