Proper Etiquette (9:30-10:30am)


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Course Code: 2AETIQ Category:
Grade(s): K-2
Week: 2
Class Dates: 07/06/2021 - 07/09/2021
Class Time: 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Location: Zoom
Instructor: Ann Elizabeth Burnett -Etiquette
Status: Running/Openings
Tuition: $100


Please and thank you are still magic words. This week will be a thorough introduction to good etiquette and proper manners. We will discuss the proper way to introduce yourself and how to greet people. We will review table etiquette, the proper way to set a table, and engaging dinner conversation. We will discuss party etiquette including how to be a respectful guest and how to make guests feel comfortable in your home. We will also learn the proper way to say thank you, both verbally and in writing. All skills will be demonstrated by Elizabeth and there will be time for questions and answers. Students will leave class with exercises to practice at home and to keep for future reference. Students learn proper manners and communication skills with a strong focus on respect and the value of others.

Ann Elizabeth Burnett, the Founder and President of Elizabeth Etiquette, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Leadership. She is a Certified Children’s Etiquette Trainer and Certified Breakthrough Coach™. Elizabeth was Etiquette Consultant to The BFG Movie, Director: Steven Spielberg.

* Please note: Parents are responsible for purchasing/providing supplies for remote classes.

Please do not worry if everything on the list is not available. The instructor will be demonstrating throughout the class.

• Dinner knife
• Dinner fork
• Soup spoon
• Dessert Fork
• Dessert Spoon
• Dinner plate
• Soup bowl
• Water Glass
• Table Napkin

The students will also need:

• A note book, or Paper and Pencil for notes
• Plan paper
• Construction paper regular size 8.5 x 11 inches, any color
• Crayons, or felt pens