Vet Science (12:30-3:00 pm)


This class is currently full. Please make a second choice for this week and use the wait list form to be added to the wait list. We will notify you if a spot becomes available. You will not be charged a switch fee if your child moves to their first choice class.

Course Code: 4PVET Category:
Grade(s): 3-5
Week: 4
Class Dates: 07/20/2020 - 07/24/2020
Class Time: 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Instructor: Julianne Zhou
Status: Running/Openings
Tuition: $135


Vet science is the place to learn about and explore all things furry, fuzzy, creepy, crawly, feathery, and scaly! Learn about a different class of animal each day, including mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, and reptiles. Read books, make crafts, and play games while learning about animal science.

Julianne Zhou is a Mandarin teacher at Diamond Middle School.

Supplies to be provided by parents:
General Supplies
1-2 packages sidewalk chalk

Day 1 – Shark Meditation Bottles
Empty plastic water bottle (bottles without ridges on the sides work best)
Fine glitter (optional)
Washable blue glue
Plastic sharks

Day 2 – Bird Nests
1 package (1lb) Activa CelluClay (grey or white)
2-3 (latex free if allergic) balloons any size

Day 3 – Paper Plate Snakes
Stick on googly eyes
A few paper plates
Bubble wrap
Rolling pin or empty bottle
Tape (any kind)

Day 4 – Clay Salamanders
1 package crayola air-dry clay
Different colors of Tempera or Acrylic paint (needed on day 3 too)
1 small paint brush

Day 5 – Butter
1 marble or extremely clean (boiled and scrubbed) small rock
Empty plastic jar
1 pint heavy cream (if you have a dairy allergy please contact the Lexplorations office and we will contact the teacher who will suggest alternatives)