Dear Lexplorations Families,

While Lexplorations summers are best known for learning and fun, our primary concern as a program is always “safety first.” After long weeks of deliberation and consultation with Lexington Public Schools Administration and similar summer programs in the region, we have come to the conclusion that for Lexplorations 2020, “safety first” means staying out of the school buildings.

With an average of 440 registrations per week, there is simply no way Lexplorations can comply with the developing student and staff safety guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19 while in the schools and on the playgrounds. Given this reality, Lexplorations has made the difficult decision to move to virtual/online programming for summer 2020.

While this Lexplorations summer will be different in presentation, you will find that the most important educational and enrichment elements of Lexplorations have stayed exactly the same. Our amazing Lexplorations teaching staff (consisting primarily of Lexington Public School teachers) have presented a diverse array of engaging, exciting, and fun online summer learning opportunities that are all just a click away. With classes that meet from as little as one hour a day, to others that meet for two and a half hours a day, there is great flexibility to accommodate your summer schedule.

LEXPLORATIONS CREDIT OPTIONS WILL BE AVAILABLE UNTIL THE END OF THE DAY OF FRIDAY, JUNE 12th. AFTER JUNE 12th, ANY REMAINING LEXPLORATIONS CREDIT WILL BE REFUNDED BY CHECK. For all other registrations, please choose the standard tuition, and pay using a Visa or MasterCard at checkout.

Click our new “weekly schedule buttons” on this page to explore our updated selection and scheduling of your favorite Lexplorations programs online, along with some brand new offerings led by our outstanding Lexplorations instructors.

Regarding Lexplorations 2020 Refunds Due to COVID-19 Building Closure
Per the Town of Lexington/Lexington Public Schools Business Office, all requested refunds for Lexplorations 2020 programs will be mailed to families in the form of a check.

While in the past Lexplorations has been allowed to return funds directly to credit card accounts, the high volume of requests this year necessitates the Town Treasurer’s Office to adhere to specific municipal accounting and auditing standards and to follow the Town of Lexington/Lexington Public Schools accounts payable check process.

Lexplorations has provided the requested and required refund information to the Town in order to begin the process of cutting and mailing checks to families. Beyond your email informing Lexplorations of your request for a refund, there is nothing else you need to do in order to receive your check.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and continued support,

The Lexplorations Staff