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NameGradesCourse WeekStart DateInstructor NamePriceBuy
Disney by Design (July 3-7)K-1107/03/2023Ali Nahigian$349.00
Art Explorations (July 3-7)2-3107/03/2023Katie Bettencourt$349.00
Enter the Secret World of Fairies (July 3-7)K-1107/03/2023Cindy Chartrand$349.00
Building Barns and Bridges (July 3-7)4-5107/03/2023Lorraine Grosslight$349.00
Creative Jewelry Making Techniques (July 3-7)4-5107/03/2023Joan Strodel$349.00
Reading & Sketching Graphic Novels (July 3-7)4-5107/03/2023John Chamberlain$349.00
Making Your Mark: Writing Across Genres (July 3-7)6-9107/03/2023Jillian Johnson$349.00
Ocean Explorers (July 3-7)K-1107/03/2023Meghan Teed$349.00
Junior Spies (July 3-7)K-1107/03/2023Laurel Soulier$349.00
All About Plants (July 3-7)2-3107/03/2023Summer Spencer$349.00
Active Body (July 10-14)2-3207/10/2023Gordon Spiller$399.00
Art and Science of Basketball (July 10-14)2-3207/10/2023Sean Price$399.00
Calling All STEM & Space Scientists (July 10-14)4-5207/10/2023Hannah Kelly$399.00
Comic Book Creation: Character & Conflict (July 10-14)6-7207/10/2023Alyssa Campbell$399.00
Harry Potter Fun (July 10-14)4-5207/10/2023Sarah Davison$399.00
Disney by Design (July 10-14)K-1207/10/2023Ali Nahigian$399.00
You're on a Game Show (July 10-14)4-5207/10/2023Joshua Curhan$399.00
Art Explorations (July 10-14)K-1207/10/2023Katie Bettencourt$399.00
Engineering Challenges (July 10-14)6-7207/10/2023Cody Williams$399.00
Messy Science (July 10-14)K-1207/10/2023Meghan Teed$399.00
Draw and Paint People, Animals and Natural Landscapes (9:00 am - 12:00 pm)6-8207/10/2023Robert Butler$199.00
Improv for Beginners (July 10-14)8-9207/10/2023$399.00
Full STEAM Ahead (July 10-14)2-3207/10/2023Kristina Greco$399.00
Let's Put on a Puppet Show (July 10-14)2-3207/10/2023Summer Spencer$399.00
Engineering & Archtecture: Building Boats, Bridges and the Mighty Hoover Dam (July 17-21)6-7307/17/2023John Chamberlain$399.00
For the Birds (July 17-21)2-3307/17/2023Summer Spencer$399.00
Beary Good Time (July 17-21)K-1307/17/2023Julie Scafidi$399.00
Art and Science of Basketball (July 17-21)2-3307/17/2023Sean Price$399.00
Active Body (July 17-21)K-1307/17/2023Gordon Spiller$399.00
Engineering Challenges (July 17-21)6-7307/17/2023Cody Williams$399.00
Art Explorations (July 17-21)2-3307/17/2023Katie Bettencourt$399.00
You're on a Game Show (July 17-21)4-5307/17/2023Joshua Curhan$399.00
Super Duper Science (July 17-21)4-5307/17/2023Laurel Harris$399.00
A Week at Hogwarts (July 17-21)4-5307/17/2023Katrina Roscoe$399.00
Harry Potter (July 17-21)4-5307/17/2023Sarah Davison$399.00
Welcome Readers and Writers Extraordinaire (July 17-21)4-5307/17/2023Hannah Kelly$399.00
Puzzle Palooza (July 17-21)2-3307/17/2023Nicole Wu$399.00
Science Magic (July 17-21)4-5307/17/2023Daniel Garland$399.00
Messy Science (July 17-21)K-1307/17/2023Meghan Teed$399.00
Engineering & Architecture: Building Bridges and Towers (July 24-28)6-7407/24/2023John Chamberlain$399.00
Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead (July 17-21)2-3307/17/2023Kristina Greco$399.00
Fun with French - Amusons-nous en français (July 10-14)2-3207/10/2023Stephanie Chiha$399.00
Fun with French - Amusons-nous en français (July 17-21)2-3307/17/2023Stephanie Chiha$399.00
Junior LEGO Robotics and Young Inventors Squad (July 17-21)K-1307/17/2023Einstein's Workshop Instructors$590.00
Advanced LEGO Robotics and 3-D Printing (July 10-14)4-5207/10/2023Einstein's Workshop Instructors$590.00
Pokemon with LEGO Materials (July 17-21)K-1307/17/2023Play-Well TEKnologies Instructors$399.00
The Wonderful World of Reptiles/Amphibians (July 3-7)2-3107/03/2023Harold Wilde$349.00
Learning Robotics with LEGO and Fun with Things That Fly (July 3-7)2-3107/03/2023Einstein's Workshop Instructors$475.00
Active Body (July 24-28)2-3407/24/2023Gordon Spiller$399.00
¡Qué delicioso! Spanish Cooking, Language and Culture (July 24-28)4-5407/24/2023Angelica Fajardo$399.00
Elephant and Piggie and Pigeon (July 24-28)K-1407/24/2023Kristina Greco$399.00
Jedi Engineering with LEGO Materials (July 24-28)2-3407/24/2023Play-Well TEKnologies Instructors$399.00
Art Explorations (July 24-28)K-1407/24/2023Katie Bettencourt$399.00
Forest School (July 24-28)4-5407/24/2023Catherine Farley$399.00
Film Fun (July 24-28)6-7407/24/2023Lindsey Franco$399.00
Ocean Explorers (July 24-28)K-1407/24/2023Meghan Teed$399.00
Super Duper Science (July 24-28)4-5407/24/2023Laurel Harris$399.00
Learning Robotics with LEGO and Fun with Things That Fly (July 24-28)2-3407/24/2023Einstein's Workshop Instructors$590.00
Adventures Through Tales from Ancient China - 东方神话探险夏令营 (July 24-28)2-3407/24/2023New Legacy Cultural Center Instructors$399.00
Welcome Readers and Writers Extraordinaire (July 24-28)4-5407/24/2023Hannah Kelly$399.00
Puzzle Palooza (July 24-28)2-3407/24/2023Nicole Wu$399.00
Advanced Potion Making (July 24-28)4-5407/24/2023April Hunt$399.00
Entrepreneur's Kickstart (9:00 am - 12:00 pm)6-8407/24/2023Sumeit Aggarwal (Finhive LLC)$199.00
All About Plants (July 24-28)2-3407/24/2023Summer Spencer$399.00
Science Magic (July 24-28)4-5407/24/2023Daniel Garland$399.00
World Cup 2023 (July 24-28)2-3407/24/2023Kayla McCauley$399.00
Trash to Treasure (July 24-28)4-5407/24/2023Genevieve Loati$399.00
Strategy Games of the World (July 24-28)6-7407/24/2023Eben Miller$399.00
Shark Week (July 24-28)4-5407/24/2023Harold Wilde$399.00
Science Adventurers (July 31-August 4)4-5507/31/2023Stephanie Kozak$399.00
Active Body (July 31-August 4)2-3507/31/2023Gordon Spiller$399.00
Crafty Yankee (July 24-28)2-3407/24/2023Elizabeth Class$399.00
Diplomacy (July 31-August 4)6-7507/31/2023Eben Miller$399.00
For the Birds (July 31-August 4)2-3507/31/2023Summer Spencer$399.00
Art Explorations (July 31-August 4)2-3507/31/2023Katie Bettencourt$399.00
Elephant and Piggie and Pigeon (July 31-August 4)K-1507/31/2023Kristina Greco$399.00
Eye for Investing (9:00 am - 12:00 pm)6-8507/31/2023Sumeit Aggarwal (Finhive LLC)$199.00
Film Fun (July 31-August 4)6-7507/31/2023Lindsey Franco$399.00
Ultimate Frisbee and Frisbee Games (July 31-August 4)2-3507/31/2023Sean Price$399.00
You're on a Game Show (July 31-August 4)2-3507/31/2023Joshua Curhan$399.00
Forest School (July 31-August 4)4-5507/31/2023Catherine Farley$399.00
Advanced LEGO Robotics and 3-D Printing (July 31-August 4)4-5507/31/2023Einstein's Workshop Instructors$590.00
Messy Science (July 31-August 4)K-1507/31/2023Meghan Teed$399.00
Unleashing Your Poetic Potential (July 31-August 4)4-5507/31/2023Harold Wilde$399.00
Minecraft with LEGO Materials (July 31-August 4)2-3507/31/2023Play-Well TEKnologies Instructors$399.00
Perfectly Placed Pasta: Engineering Spaghetti Bridges (July 31-August 4)4-5507/31/2023April Hunt$399.00
Rube Goldberg Engineering (July 31-August 4)2-3507/31/2023Anna Davtian$399.00
Into the Wild (July 31-August 4)K-1507/31/2023Julie Scafidi$399.00
Creative Candle & Soap Making (July 31-August 4)6-7507/31/2023Whitney Pierre$399.00
Dance 'Til You Drop (August 7-11)2-3608/07/2023Whitney Pierre$399.00
Reading & Sketching Graphic Novels (August 7-11)4-5608/07/2023John Chamberlain$399.00
Crochet and Friendship Bracelets 101 (August 7-11)2-3608/07/2023Eva Perhanidis$399.00
Science Magic (August 7-11)4-5608/07/2023Daniel Garland$399.00
Junior LEGO Robotics and Young Inventors Squad (August 7-11)K-1608/07/2023Einstein's Workshop Instructors$590.00
Ocean Explorers (August 7-11)K-1608/07/2023Meghan Teed$399.00
Weaving Magic (August 7-11)6-9608/07/2023Beth Cederberg Guertin$425.00
Into the Wild (August 7-11)K-1608/07/2023Julie Scafidi$399.00
Adventures Through Tales from Ancient China - 东方神话探险夏令营 (July 10-14)2-3207/10/2023New Legacy Cultural Center Instructors$399.00