Wait Listed Classes

All classes on this page are wait listed.

Note the Course Code of the desired class and use the wait list form to be added to the wait list. Then make a second choice for this week. Available classes are here. Please login for the most up-to-date list.
NameGradesWeekStart DateInstructor NamePriceBuy
Dance the Day AwayK-137/18/22Caroline Norris$395.00
Art ExplorationsK-137/18/22Katie Bettencourt$395.00
Messy ScienceK-137/18/22Abby Dornbusch$395.00
Active BodyK-147/25/22Gordon Spiller$395.00
Art ExplorationsK-147/25/22Katie Bettencourt$395.00
After School Care Grades K-1K-147/25/22Lexplorations Staff$165.00
Learning Robotics with LEGOs And Young Inventors SquadK-147/25/22Einstein's Workshop Aaron Ashih$490.00
Messy ScienceK-147/25/22Laurel Harris$395.00
Art ExplorationsK-158/1/22Katie Bettencourt$395.00
After School Care Grades K-1K-158/1/22Lexplorations Staff$165.00
Space ExplorersK-158/1/22Summer Spencer$395.00
Super ScienceK-158/1/22Erica Smith$395.00
Into the WildK-158/1/22Julie Scafidi$395.00
Animals in Literature & ArtK-168/8/22Shawn Wood$395.00
A "Beary" Good TimeK-168/8/22Julie Scafidi$395.00
After School Care Grades K-1K-168/8/22Lexplorations Staff$165.00
Space ExplorersK-168/8/22Jacqueline Hill$395.00
Super ScienceK-168/8/22Erica Smith$395.00
Active BodyK-137/18/22Gordon Spiller$395.00
Messy ScienceK-127/11/22Folasade Finnih$395.00
Learning Robotics with LEGOs And Young Inventors SquadK-127/11/22Einstein's Workshop Aaron Ashih$490.00
Everyday SuperheroesK-127/11/22Laurel Soulier$395.00
The Secret World of FairiesK-127/11/22Cindy Chartrand$395.00
Animals in Literature & ArtK-127/11/22Shawn Wood$395.00
Space ExplorersK-117/5/22Nicole Wu$345.00
Theater Adventures8-947/25/22Katherine Poornima Kirby$395.00
Draw & Paint Animals of the African Serengeti and Their Habitat Landscapes (12:30-3pm at LHS))8-958/1/22Robert Butler$165.00
Dungeons & Dragons6-947/25/22Dylan Baxter-King$395.00
Diplomacy6-737/18/22Eben Miller$395.00
Engineering & Architecture: Building Bridges and Towers6-747/25/22John Chamberlain$395.00
Beginning Novel Writing6-747/25/22Jillian Johnson$395.00
Draw & Paint Animals of the African Serengeti and Their Habitat Landscapes (9-11:30am at LHS)6-758/1/22Robert Butler$165.00
The Art of Geometry6-768/8/22Taylor B. Johnson$395.00
3D Printing & Robotics with LEGO Mindstorms6-768/8/22Einstein's Workshop Aaron Ashih$490.00
Draw & Paint Rain Forest Creatures and Their Habitat Landscapes (9-11:30am at LHS)6-768/8/22Robert Butler$165.00
A Guide to Dungeons & Dragons6-727/11/22Nick Paolini$395.00
Biomimicry: Nature Inspired Innovation6-727/11/22Whitney Factor$395.00
LEXplore Art6-727/11/22Lindsey Franco$395.00
Forest School4-537/18/22Catherine Farley$395.00
Harry Potter Fun4-537/18/22Sarah Davison$395.00
3D Printing & Robotics with LEGO Mindstorms4-537/18/22Einstein's Workshop Aaron Ashih$490.00
Super Duper Scientists4-537/18/22Laurel Harris$395.00
Spy School4-537/18/22Julianne Black$395.00
After School Care Grades 4-54-547/25/22Lexplorations Staff$165.00
Forest School4-547/25/22Catherine Farley$395.00
A Week at Hogwarts4-547/25/22Katrina Roscoe$395.00
Advanced Potion Making4-547/25/22April Hunt$395.00
Welcome Readers & Writers Extraordinaire4-547/25/22Hannah Kelly$395.00
Science Adventurers4-547/25/22Stephanie Kozak$395.00
Spy School4-547/25/22Julianne Black$395.00
Crafty Yankee4-547/25/22Elizabeth Class$395.00
After School Care Grades 4-54-558/1/22Lexplorations Staff$165.00
Dungeons & Dragons4-558/1/22Dylan Baxter-King$395.00
Learn to Draw People4-558/1/22Shawn Wood$395.00
Super Duper Scientists4-558/1/22Laurel Harris$395.00
Quidditch World Cup4-558/1/22April Hunt$395.00
Slow Crafting in our Fast World4-558/1/22Jessica Khamarji$395.00
Spy School4-558/1/22Julianne Black$395.00
Theater Adventures4-558/1/22Katherine Poornima Kirby$395.00
After School Care Grades 4-54-568/8/22Lexplorations Staff$165.00
Active Body4-568/8/22Gordon Spiller$395.00
Engineering & Architecture: Building Barns and Bridges4-568/8/22John Chamberlain$395.00
Dungeons & Dragons4-568/8/22Dylan Baxter-King$395.00
Art Explorations4-568/8/22Katie Bettencourt$395.00
Hip Hop Dance4-568/8/22Whitney Pierre$395.00
Crafty Yankees4-527/11/22Elizabeth Class$395.00
Science Adventurers4-527/11/22Stephanie Kozak$395.00
Jedi Engineering & Minecraft with LEGOs4-527/11/22Play-Well TEKnologies Carl Schulz, Area Manager$395.00
Slow Crafting in our Fast World2-337/18/22Courtney Stacey$395.00
Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead2-337/18/22Kristina Greco$395.00
After School Care Grades 2-32-347/25/22Lexplorations Staff$165.00
Junior Spies2-347/25/22Laurel Soulier$395.00
All About Plants2-347/25/22Summer Spencer$395.00
Shark Week2-347/25/22Harold Wilde$395.00
Slow Crafting in our Fast World2-347/25/22Courtney Stacey$395.00
Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead2-347/25/22Kristina Greco$395.00
World Cup 20222-347/25/22Kayla McCauley$395.00
After School Care Grades 2-32-358/1/22Lexplorations Staff$165.00
Active Body2-358/1/22Gordon Spiller$395.00
Dance the Day Away2-358/1/22Caroline Norris$395.00
Everyday Superheroes2-358/1/22Laurel Soulier$395.00
LEGO Junior Engineers and Fun With Things That Fly2-358/1/22Einstein's Workshop Aaron Ashih$490.00
The Wonderful World of Reptiles & Amphibians2-358/1/22Harold Wilde$395.00
After School Care Grades 2-32-368/8/22Lexplorations Staff$165.00
Junior Spies2-368/8/22Laurel Soulier$395.00
Creative Movement2-368/8/22Kelly Mara$395.00
Vet Science2-368/8/22Julianne Black$395.00
World Cup 20222-368/8/22Kayla McCauley$395.00
For the Birds2-337/18/22Summer Spencer$395.00
Animals in Literature & Art2-337/18/22Shawn Wood$395.00
Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead2-327/11/22Kristina Greco$395.00
Under the Deep Blue Sea2-327/11/22Rachael Quebec$395.00
You're on a Game Show2-327/11/22Joshua Curhan$395.00
Art Explorations2-327/11/22Katie Bettencourt$395.00
Active Body2-327/11/22Gordon Spiller$395.00