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NameGradesWeekStart DateInstructor NamePriceBuy
Early Drop Off 8-9amK-9507/29/2019Lexington Community Ed Staff$35.00
After School Care 3-6pmK-9107/01/2019Lexington Community Ed Staff$125.00
After School Care 3-6pmK-9307/15/2019Lexington Community Ed Staff$155.00
Early Drop Off 8-9amK-9107/01/2019Lexington Community Ed Staff$30.00
Phys Ed AdventureK-2107/01/2019Paul Victor Cuzzupe$245.00
Rhythm & DanceK107/01/2019Renae Stockton Nichols$245.00
Stage Choreography and Stage Combat for Beginners8-9507/29/2019Andrew Lease$300.00
ELA with Anime7-9407/22/2019Jillian Aldrich Johnson$300.00
Barter to Bitcoin - The Journey of Money7-9307/15/2019Sumeit Aggarwal$300.00
Artist Journal7-9107/01/2019Brittney Carbone$245.00
Eye for Investing7-9107/01/2019Sumeit Aggarwal$245.00
All That Jazz6-9307/15/2019Justin Aramati$310.00
Beginning Novel Writing6-9307/15/2019Jillian Aldrich Johnson$300.00
Lexington's Got Talent6-9107/01/2019Sandra Lewis$245.00
All That Jazz6-9207/08/2019Justin Aramati$310.00
The Art of Paper Cutting6-8207/08/2019Catherine Paladino$150.00
Middle School Here We Come!6307/15/2019Joseph Meyer$300.00
Creative Jewelry Making Tecnhiques5-7207/08/2019Joan Strodel$300.00
Sew Much Fun5-6407/22/2019Molly Mills Watkins$300.00
Math Mashup5-6207/08/2019Caroline St. Onge$300.00
Geo*Art4-8307/15/2019Gerry Goolkasian$300.00
STEM Hoop Group4-6107/01/2019Brooke Springfield$245.00
Craftomania!4-6207/08/2019Molly Mills Watkins$300.00
Harry Potter Fiction4-6207/08/2019Nicholas Seymourian$300.00
Theater Adventure4-6307/15/2019Katherine Poornima Kirby$300.00
The Art & Science of Nature4-6307/15/2019Catherine Paladino$300.00
Superheroes & Villains4-6307/15/2019Eben Miller$300.00
Krazy Kritters4-5107/01/2019Cathy Cote$245.00
Project Fun3-5407/22/2019Gordon Spiller$300.00
Code Breakers3-4307/15/2019Harold Wilde$300.00
Let's Explore the World Together2-3107/01/2019Katie Evanson$245.00
Let's Explore the World Together2-3407/22/2019Katie Evanson$300.00
American Girl Summer1-3407/22/2019Cara Dwyer Johnson$300.00
Space Explorers1-3407/22/2019Meghan Teed$300.00
The Incredible Human Body1-3207/08/2019Johanna Rodrigues$300.00