“You Can Never Hold Back Spring”

As the song by American songwriter, musician, composer, and actor Tom Waits goes, You can never hold back spring.”  And after the long winter we just emerged from we are grateful for that lyrical truth.
Along with the gradual greening of the world, and our spring print catalog being currently delivered from Flagship Press in North Andover, the month of April is finally here with many amazing LCE classes and events ready to burst forth into bloom.
In addition to welcoming all of the intelligence and intentional goodness packed into our spring catalog, we are very pleased to welcome Julian Calleja as our new Adult Program Coordinator. Julian comes to Lexington Community Education with a B.S. in Community Entrepreneurship from the University of Vermont, and we look forward to having his intelligence brighten, broaden, and strengthen our educational and community efforts here at LCE in the near future. Julian is currently learning the names, faces, people and places, and has jumped right in to get our social media sites revived and running in real time. If you haven’t already, like us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (icons for each at the top of the page) to stay informed about all the opportunities LCE has in store for you this spring and in the season to follow.
We commence our spring term with an Indian Classical Music concert tomorrow night. If you are familiar with the classical music of India you will know how the raga and tala can and does resonate with opening and blossoming, with compositions starting with a slow opening Alap and moving through Jor and toward the climatic Jhala. If you are not familiar with this blossoming of sound we invite you to experience it first-hand this Saturday night!  
Thank you for your participation and support over the years. I look forward to seeing you in class, or at an in-person event soon!
Craig Hall, Director
Pictured Above: LCE Spring Catalog covers being expertly prepared for cut and binding at Flagship Press.
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