Beethoven’s Ghost: An Evening of Musical Interpretation and Exploration

Past Event

Most everyone loves Beethoven’s broad strokes: the fist shaker, the tender soul searcher, the rollicking pastoralist. But how many of his lovers have entered into the miraculous microcosm from which he builds these palatial monuments of sound? In this presentation Richard Knisely, long time classical personality on WGBH Radio, takes you behind these large structures into the world of Beethoven’s intricate genius. You will see and hear for yourself how an entire world of music grew in his mind from the most fundamental ideas, consisting of just a few notes; how he raised those vast landscapes of sound from the smallest stones. Using one of Beethoven’s best known chamber music pieces, The “Ghost” Trio, you will learn to recognize these tiny elements and how a macrocosm of magnificent thought and sound grew from them. Peter Sulski and Friends (Ariana Falk, Violoncello, and Randall Hopkinson, Pianoforte) will provide live illustrations of the presentation and then perform the “Ghost” Trio in its entirety.

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