Intermediate French II – Summer


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Intermediate French II is for students who have studied all basic concepts of pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary and have completed A1/A2 levels. The course quickly reviews the foundation to build upon and expand language patterns, grammatical structures, and comprehension. Vocabulary is enhanced further through simple dialogues and conversation, readings, writings, exercises and translations. Verbs tenses are reviewed and more are presented. Students learn how to communicate with simple sentences in applicable situations. Spontaneous exercises are used to reinforce knowledge and detect areas for review. The textbook Grammaire progressive du français B1 B2, CLE International, ISBN 978-2090381979, should be purchased online prior to the first class.

Maurice Bombrun is a French native, experienced teacher and bilingual dual citizen. He teaches and tutors privately with local private and public schools, and has worked for Alliance Francaise. With undergraduate studies at the Sorbonne and LSE London, he holds Master’s degrees from Sciences Po Paris and the University of Grenoble.

Start Date: 7/11/2024, 8 meetings
Class Time: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Day of Week: Thursday
Location: Zoom
Instructor: Maurice Bombrun
Status: Running/Openings