Joyful Yoga (Summer)


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Beginners, and intermediate students can enjoy this style of yoga, known as a “celebration of the heart.”  This is yoga that combines a Kripalu (heart-centered) and a detail–oriented style. We will work on finding balance, distributing weight equally, and aligning the body in a therapeutic way that will keep you safe, and also offer you many challenges, if you wish. Either way, the joy will come. Yoga mat required. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing, and bare feet.

Linda DelMonte has been teaching yoga for 20 years now. She is a Kripalu certified teacher, with an extensive background in Anusara yoga. Her style of teaching is about being in the best “space” of your body, by learning how to align in the most healthful way possible. This ensures, a deeper way of connection to body, mind and spirit, the true meaning of yoga. She also offers challenges in all her classes, and teaches you to practice from the heart.


Start Date: 07/12/24, 3 meetings
Class Time: 10:00 AM - 11:15 AM
Day of Week: Friday
Location: Hancock Church
Instructor: Linda Del Monte
Status: Running/Openings