How to Free Your Inner Mathematician: Notes on Mathematics and Life

Mathematics is more than a tool for computation. The field offers an invitation for deep, delightful thinking, along with metaphors for fostering courage in challenging times. – Susan D’Agostino

In her new book, How to Free Your Inner Mathematician: Notes on Mathematics and Life Susan D’Agostino offers guidance in managing the fear, freedom, frustration, and joy that often accompany calls to think mathematically. This evening on Zoom she will share some of the practical insight, years of award-winning mathematics teaching experience, and examples of more than 300 hand-drawn sketches alongside accessible descriptions of fractals, symmetry, fuzzy logic, knot theory, Penrose patterns, infinity, the Twin Prime Conjecture, Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem, Fermat’s Last Theorem, and other intriguing mathematical topics. Mathematics students, enthusiasts and even those who shy away from math will gain some helpful advice for fostering courage on their journey regardless of age or mathematical background. Join us for a presentation and conversation that will provide reassurance that mathematical success has more to do with curiosity and drive than innate aptitude.

Susan D’Agostino PhD., is a mathematician and writer whose essays have been published in Quanta Magazine, Scientific American, Financial Times, Nature, Undark, Times Higher Education, Chronicle of Higher Education, Math Horizons, Mathematics Teacher, and others. She earned her PhD in Mathematics from Dartmouth College, Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics from Smith College, and BA in Anthropology from Bard College. She is a Council for the Advancement of Science Writing Taylor/Blakeslee Fellow at Johns Hopkins University. Her website is and her Twitter handle is @susan_dagostino.


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