Let’s Laugh in the New Year with The HAmakers!


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Bring more laughter into your life and the life of others. Laughter Yoga combines guided laughter exercises with breathing exercises to bring more oxygen to the body’s cells. This oxygen boost gives enhanced vitality, energy, a feeling of real well-being, and helps to build up the immune system. It can help with anxiety, pain and depression. Any age and any level of physical ability can do these simple, playful exercises. You do not even need a sense of humor! Any age and any level of physical ability can do these simple exercises. There are no fancy poses and no special clothing is needed. You can sit or stand. A pretend laugh even has all the same health benefits as a real one, but turns into a real laugh when practiced in a group. Laughing strengthens the immune system, unwinds the negative effects of stress, lowers blood pressure, lifts your spirits, improves mental alertness and much more.

Bill and Linda are graduates of both The American School of Laughter Yoga, The Dr. Kataria School of Laughter Yoga, and Laughter Yoga International. They are the only Certified Laughter Yoga Master Trainer couple on the North American continent. There are only about 60 Certified Laughter Yoga Master Trainers in the world. They founded “Let’s Laugh Today” over 14 years ago and have been spreading the joys and health benefits of laughter yoga through free laughter clubs, corporations, schools, medical centers, senior centers, assisted living homes, and private events. They have presented at Laughter Yoga Conferences and have been through Laughter Wellness training. They also teach and certify others to lead laughter sessions and have been named Ambassadors to Laughter Yoga by Dr. Madan Kataria, the Indian physician who created laughter yoga. They have appeared on community television, NBC Boston, been on the radio, in the Boston Globe, and have been featured on the front page of many community newspapers. They have been leading laughter sessions on ZOOM for the community since March and will continue even after the Pandemic is over. They have two in person laughter clubs for when things fully open up again. See www.letslaughtoday.com

Start Date: 4/11/2024, 1 meeting
Class Time: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Day of Week: Thursday
Location: Lexington High School
Instructor: Linda and Bill HAmaker
Status: Running/Openings