Alfred Hitchcock: Why Do All Film Directors Study His Movies?

Among laypersons, Hitchcock (1899-1980) is probably still the most famous director in film history (with the possible exception of Steven Spielberg). But among filmmakers he is also probably the one who has had the most impact on other directors. Why? Largely because of the sheer artistry that he brought to the movies. There is tremendous variety in his films, and Psycho was absolutely atypical, even if it’s the one most people think of. In fact, he did not make horror or mystery films–rather, he said they were “suspense” films, which he defined in a very specific way. In this unique presentation, you will see the same scene as directed by Hitchock and by another director, to see what Hitchcock does differently. You will experience some of his most striking and influential moments, from his early silent films through his last films, which will at the same time give you a chronological overview of his output. You will enjoy his wit and clarity in filmed interviews. And you will learn something about how Hitchcock participated in creating a “brand” that is to this day synonymous with the art of film.


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