Our First Blog Post : The “Right Lexington”

Happy October!

The world of virtual learning has allowed me (along with many of you) to attend a number great LCE classes this fall. Each class I have attended has been rewarding on many levels. I have recently taken Public Speaking, Hindi, Auto Repair, and have attended numerous special events. Being able to study together with our incredible learning community has been a pleasure.

Venturing into the world of blogging is in fact due to my attendance in our WordPress class with the amazing instructor, Fan Stanbrough. Not only is Fan the co-founder of BBDS Design (the firm that created this site), she is an incredible teacher as well. In addition to working on the winter term, LCE staff has been learning how to make this site work better, and have now figured out how to pre-load the site in a way that will send Zoom links to students as the “register” button is clicked. This is a huge step forward for LCE and will remove most of the Zoom zaniness that takes place behind the scenes here in the office. This new system will be in place for the winter term and beyond.

Speaking of the winter term…it looks like LCE will continue to be primarily online for the winter. There is just too much still in question for us to schedule any in-person classes with certainty. So there is some sadness with that, but also some comfort in the thought of safety, and being able to stay warm at home while Zooming in for a winter night class, lesson, or event.

Our world at LCE has become smaller and larger at the same time. In fact, tomorrow, we have musician Brice Kapel Zooming in from France to lead a singing session. Last night we had a student Zoom in from their home in Japan to attend a class, and we have had registrations come from Kansas, Canada, Chicago, California…and Lexington, KY! While we have had attempted registrations from KY before, this is the first time we didn’t have to say, “wrong Lexington” and turn the student away. Truly, in this new world of virtual learning, Lexington Community Education is now seated in the “right Lexington” for students of every community and country.

Thanks to people like you, LCE has been able to find some silver lining in the uncertainty of the times… and we continue to learn and grow in new and exciting ways.

Thank you for reading, and for your support!

Craig Hall, Director of Lexington Community Education

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